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The beyond 

installation, 2015 / H430W150D420cm / steel, glass

“Fetal movement" An exhibition of Japanese contemporary art  in China. 53 Art Museum in Guangzhou. 

My artwork show a wispy and strange stairs.


I have expressed the border between that world and this world as the glass stairs which rise towards the heaven. I have made it through having an inspiration from the short story “The spider's thread” written by a Japanese novelist Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The spider’s thread which rises towards the heaven is snapped at the end of the story. It is the installation which has expressed the hazard and fragility of the scene that the spider’s thread snapped on the way to the heaven is finely falling down while glittering as the stairs made from fragments of steel and glass.


「現代日本人作家展 胎動」53美術館/ 広州・中国。芥川龍之介「蜘蛛の糸」から発想した天から伸びる一筋の糸のように細く儚い階段をイメージて制作した作品です。物語の最後に天上へと伸びる蜘蛛の糸が切れる。その中途で途切れた蜘蛛の糸が、きらきら細く光りながら天から下りているシーンのあやうさと儚さを、鉄とガラスの破片の階段で表現しました。

photo T.F.

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