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​Performance///// Chiaki Tanaka

installation 2015/ H460W750D880cm / steel, glass 

I show Nakanojo Biennale 2015(Gunma/Japan) The Sanctuary.

movie editor Kaoru Nnishigaki  Camera Toshiyuki Oshima

photo K.Hayashi

It's a meditative place. A place where the invisible inner world fused together. I expressed the space that imaged the cathedral.

There is a sanctuary where is far from the boundary, far from entering far beyond. I pray the place would be filled with silence. I pray the place has a single ray of light shines on it. Collaboration with Chiaki Tanaka/Dance Performance. I explained to Chiaki about my artwork. She interpreted it. She played as a Messenger, who goes between the reality and the sanctuary.

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